Mike Grimm, NASM-CPT, CES
Strengthen Your Body.  Balance Your Mind.

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Personal Training Rates & Availability

Life's better when you feel awesome...

Fitness is really all about feeling awesome. I firmly believe that. And I believe a strong, healthy and balanced body is key to a balanced mind, which is in turn key to maintaining a strong, healthy body. Get where I’m going with this? One feeds the other and together they can create a lot of awesome.

I consider it a great privilege to apply my significant skills and deep enthusiasm for fitness and wellness to the personal goals of each and every client I work with. Whether you come to me with a desire to lose weight, stabilize or rehabilitate an injury, increase flexibility, tone up or even train for a marathon, I will work with you to develop a customized, safe, effective and dynamic workout program that will keep you engaged in your fitness goals mentally and physically. 

And, we’ll have some fun while we’re at it.

Life is short, let’s make it as awesome as possible. 

Why Mike Grimm?

  • Mike is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer AND a Corrective Exercise Specialist. 

  • He has over 10 years of experience with over 8 years of that in physical therapy and injury rehabilitation at a state-of-the art Beverly Hills therapy clinic, working directly with patients on their doctor-prescribed exercise programs. 

  • Doctors of Physical Therapy trust Mike with their patients because of his knowledge, experience, and success rate.

  • Mike’s holistic approach to personal training will help inspire you to challenge yourself both during your session time and during any self practice.  He’ll work with you to establish realistic goals into a dynamic workout program that will also keep you motivated in between sessions. 

  • Mike is also an avid musician, concertgoer, surfer, volleyball player and Harley rider with a zest for life that translates into everything he does, especially when he is working his fitness clients.

Personal Training Rates

Sessions are 1 hour long and sold in packages, but your first session is a FREE TRIAL!
Duet rates also available. Save money and train with a friend! Inquire for more info.

Package pricing:
1-9 Sessions:  $135/hr.
10 Sessions:  $130/hr.
20 Sessions:  $125/hr.


Appointment Hours
Mon-Fri: 6a-10p
Sat: 8a-10p
Sun: Unavailable

  • Call or email to set your appointment and claim your FREE first session!