Mike Grimm, NASM-CPT, CES
Strengthen Your Body.  Balance Your Mind.

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"Mike has been an incredible motivator, educator and friend in my quest to reach my fitness goals. His detailed knowledge of fitness and anatomy provides instruction that's not only very effective, but decreases the risk of injury and joint/muscle stress. I never thought I'd have this level of strength and fitness as I enter my forties."

---Peter W.

"I first started working out with Mike after recovering from a hamstring injury. He was very supportive and he motivated me with his positive attitude & energy.  His understanding of  body  mechanics and proper form soon had me back in shape and running again.  Getting to the gym before the sun is up can be difficult, but Mike makes our workouts challenging and fun which keeps me motivated and committed to my routine. My strength and endurance levels have definitely improved since training with Mike. Those cardio intervals are tough but they work!

Staying fit is important to me and having Mike as my trainer ensures that I get the best results from each exercise. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to get into shape or who wants to start a fitness program."

---Louise B.

"I’ve always been a devotee of fitness and workout programs and as a former fitness trainer and aerobics instructor it has always been important to me that any instructor understand how to safely help me achieve my lifestyle goals. My years as a step aerobics teacher did a real number on my knees and I have gravitated to more low-impact strength and flexibility training. Mike’s knowledge and expertise and constant emphasis on proper form was key to helping me develop and safely maintain the pilates and yoga workouts I love even after experiencing recent knee and hip injuries. I hear his voice in my head outside our private training sessions and it’s a beautiful thing!"

---Jessica W.

"Mike!  You motivated me, literally kicked my ass so hard to pull something out of me I never knew was there!!! You changed my life & possibly saved my life by being the best damn trainer EVER! Thank U!!"

---Cassandra W.

Check out Cassandra's before and after photos below, and the studio she opened in North Carolina.

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